Writing and Messaging SEO Tool: Clarity

Clarity is a valuable tool in searching, writing, messaging, promoting and speaking. What is it and how do you achieve it? This article defines clarity, show examples and helps you attain clarity in your writing.

To speak or write with clarity means to be clear or transparent. To have the ability to conceptualize or visualize an object, a concept or a thought is to have clarity. As a writer if you can create the visual or develop a concept very clearly then there will be a more clear understanding of your content.

SEO Tool

Clarity in Richmond Search Engine Optimization

Keywords and keyword phrases are the number one factor in having a search engine find and rank your website. People know the importance of clarity in Titles, Descriptions and Meta tags. Once you have researched the best keywords and phrases to direct people to your site, it is up to you to use but not overuse your keyword phrases. Websites have been set up to help you find the most searched for keywords and phrases. Then they can provide suggestions for alternate (but similar) keywords. More information on this can be found in this article Search Engine Optimization and Clarity: the Value of Clarity

Clarity in your writing then comes from the flow of your logic, the sequencing of your thoughts and the words you use to generate smooth transitions. Subheadings are helpful to put your thoughts in order.

Clarity in Messaging

In crafting brief comments when messaging or blogging, your message should be clear to be understood. Blogging is a form of journal writing. However, in this type of writing, you have the chance to achieve clarity by rephrasing or asking a clarifying question. The response, the punctuation, or the examples you add, can help clear up confusion. It is when people do not have a chance to reply or post a response to your message, that you may not achieve clarity. The time between typing and hitting the post or send button, is often too short. You cannot take back what you have sent. You can add further posts but words once typed tend to have a lasting effect.

Clarity in Advertising

When an advertiser creates an ad, they need to have clarity to promote their product. They have a limited space to create their slogan or message. On one sign advertising several spa treatments, one advertiser made the mistake of stating all their services to maximize the space on the sign. In doing this, they lost clarity. Their message was lost in all the words given. Not one statement stood out.

The sign said:






A clearer message came out on a sign posted further down the road. It got across the message to stop in and try out their food. It said:






This ad did not need to tell all the food available. The message was enough to get a customer to stop in. Both the signs were along the same road and had to be read while driving by. The sign that was clear and easily read was the sign that worked.

Clarity in Speechwriting

When a person is speaking rather than writing, there is also a need for clarity. The listener has to process what is heard and has to visualize the concept. Clarity is even more important in speechmaking than speechwriting. If an audience has a chance to react, a person giving a speech may be able to clarify confusion. However without a chance to respond, a person has to hope they have made their point.

One thing to remember is that a person can only hold about 7 main ideas they hear from a speech. A good speaker will present what is coming, say it and then review what was said.

Mark Ivey wrote an article about the changing role of the corporate speechwriter. He insisted that corporations need the skills of a speechwriter, rather than an executive communications manager, to deliver a clear message. He said, “Only a speechwriter knows how to find the few relevant and credible pieces of information hiding in a thousand pages of “content” received from a hundred sources, and how to use those points to produce a compelling narrative that will hold an audience’s attention and deliver a clear message.”

Clarity in Writing

To help writers achieve clarity there are many articles written on writing by writers. An article called Tips to Creating Quality Web Content, by James Celeste, states in its first line that the most important rule is to keep it clear and simple. His second rule is to be concise. Find his other tips at Tips To Creating Quality Web Content

Clarity in writing can also be achieved if you are given limits to the number of words used. A writer can practice this by first creating an article and then setting a goal to express the same message in half the amount of words.

It’s a challenge to reduce your own word limits. Using spacing between paragraphs may also help a writer achieve clarity. When writing a few sentences, a writer must get to the point, and then “filler” words and sentences will be omitted.

Finally, clarity can be achieved by using a thesaurus in writing. Perhaps the correct word to use is not a commonplace word. Clarity means clearness, but perhaps lucidity, simplicity, intelligibility or transparency would have been words I could have used with more precision.


Towing Using you Car or Truck

Cars and trucks provide more uses than just simply transporting you from point A to point B. Other than transporting people, cars and trucks are also a great way to carry items or cargo. But with limited space provided, cars more than trucks have less space to haul things, and you would need more if you plan on hauling items for either a big move, or getting a lot of items for a landscape renovation, or even a weekend camping trip away from the city. In times like these, a trailer is a perfect option for you to not worry about having enough space to haul all your gear for whatever it is you’re going to do.

Towing trailers for your car or truck is a great way to add more hauling space for your vehicle. Whether it would be a simple trailer to haul items, you need for your renovation, or a trailer home for you weekend camping getaway, trailers allows you to bring more things and not worry about the limited space in your car. Trailers, however, require a little bit of studying and knowledge to ensure that you will be towing the trailer properly, and not risk putting not just yourself in danger, but other drivers around you as you make your trip.

The first step to consider when getting a trailer is to know how much your car or truck can tow. This is indicated in the user manual of the vehicle, and it gives you an idea of the possibilities that your vehicle can pull. This is important as it allows you to effectively choose the right trailer, and not get the wrong one that can cause future problems in your towing. If you do experience problems, you can also request for towing services in Woodbury to help you.

Choosing the right trailer also entails getting the right ball and hitch for your car and trailer, ensuring that these will work together seamlessly, and not cause any problems. Getting the wrong size will not make the ball of the hitch fit, and won’t allow you to tow your trailer at all.

More to the equipment you need to get for your car, it is important as well to get the right class of hitch for your car or truck. Depending on the weight of your vehicle, this indicates what type of hitch you can install, and the weight that you can tow safely.

When it comes to hitching the trailer to your vehicle, make sure that you properly understand the user manual, so that you can attach the trailer to your vehicle properly. Failing to do so can lead to multiple problems when you take the trailer out of your car, such as the trailer disengaging from your vehicle that can cause damage to other vehicles and properties, as well as putting other drivers in danger.

Once you have the trailer properly secured, it is necessary to put proper indications such as external signal lights on the trailer, or signs to inform other drivers that you are towing a trailer behind your car. This provides crucial safety-related information that can prevent accidents on the road.

Driving with trailers will also be different, so expect changes in fuel economy, as well as your feel of the car when it comes to driving as well. Always pay attention and be cautious when driving with a trailer hitched to your car, to avoid and problems and accidents that can occur when towing a trailer.

Towing behind your car is a great way to maximize space for your car, and lets you do more things with your vehicle. Just make sure that you take the necessary steps in ensuring that you will have a smooth and problem drive while towing a trailer behind your car.


Benefits of Hiring a Licensed and Professional Plumber

A professional plumber is considered a skilled tradesman. When you hire a licensed and professional plumbing contractor, you can certainly receive a lot of clear benefits. Professional plumbing contractor have actually attended right training and education as well as apprenticed under a licensed master plumber in order to learn and fully understand the tricks of the trade. Therefore, when you hire a licensed professional, you are certainly hiring a skilled and knowledgeable plumber.

Professional Plumber

Furthermore, a licensed and professional plumbing contractor has the right expertise and experience you need when there are any problem with your plumbing system. In addition to that, they also have the knowledge to repair plumbing mishaps and other phoenix water damage that are done by an inexperienced and unlicensed plumber.

In this article, you will learn the benefits of hiring a professional plumber as well as how important it is to your residential property to bring in a licensed and certified plumber to perform the job.

What a Licensed and Professional Plumber Can Do

A professional plumber can install, detect, upgrade, repair as well as maintain your entire plumbing system. In addition to that, licensed plumbers have the knowledge and experience to address a wide range plumbing problems, if you need your water heater replaced, repaired or installed, hiring a licensed individual is certainly the best thing to do.

Apart from that, a professional and licensed plumber is also capable or repairing, installing as well as upgrading your entire plumbing system. When you hire a professional plumbing contractor, you will also be able to know the best course of action suitable for your plumbing issues.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

1. Save Your Warranty

There are some appliance warranties such as the for your water heater, which can be voided if you don’t use a licensed and professional plumbing contractor to do the repair and installation. As a matter of fact, this requirement of the manufacturer may or may not be stated in the literature of the appliance. However, if something will go wrong with the appliance you bought from them, the manufacture has the right to deny the warranty repairs, unless your appliance was installed by a certified and licensed professional.

2. Compliance with Building Codes

A licensed and professional plumber is extremely familiar will all the local building codes in their area of service and can certainly make sure that the repair or installation of your plumbing system is in compliance even with the strictest building codes. On the other hand, if you don’t choose to hire a professional and licensed plumbing contractor, you are surely at risk of not having the plumbing system of your home in compliance with the local building codes in your state. This will then result in penalties and fines if something goes wrong with your plumbing system. Or what’s more worst is that if you file a claim due to a flood resulting from the improper installation or repair of your water pipes, your insurance company might deny your claim since the equipment of your plumbing system wasn’t installed professionally.